PA & PAH Series

The Gorman-Rupp PAH Series of prime assist (also known as dry prime or auto prime) centrifugal pumps are capable of delivering high heads and/or high flows for applications from wastewater bypassing to mine dewatering. Field adjustable running clearances mean this pump can be kept at peak efficiency and left in the field for longer (instead of having a trip back to the workshop for a wear ring change). Advantages include:

PAH Series – Special Features

Patented External Shim-less Adjustment System
The shim-less impeller clearance adjustment allows for accurate maintenance of the clearance between the impeller and wear wear ring, without replacing parts or removing the pump from service. Once adjustments have been made, the unique collar and adjusting screw maintains the clearance setting during other maintenance or inspection events. Peak efficiency is maintained, the life of the wear ring is maximised, and the potential for blockages is reduced.

Bearing/ Shaft Protection
The bearings and shaft of a Gorman-Rupp PAH Series pump are protected in the event of a mechanical seal failure. A double lip seal and atmospheric vent arrangement are in place if the mechanical seal is breached. Any leak through the mechanical seal and past the first lip seal will vent to atmosphere and not breach the bearing chamber.
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