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Hydro Innovations is able to provide a wide range of quality pumps to meet the requirements of many applications within the meat process industry that are essential for those in need of meat processing wastewater treatment options. Our systems can be configured to deliver simple, straightforward results – allowing companies  to devote more time to their processing and less on their clean-ups. Our products offer safer, more cost effective tailored solutions in the following areas:

  • Wastewater pumping with Gorman-Rupp self priming centrifugal pumps. Gorman-Rupp pumps last longer, are easier to maintain and are safer and easier for operators to use. Gorman-Rupp self priming solids handling centrifugal wastewater and trash pumps are ideal for even the toughest jobs at meat processing plants. Gorman Rupp pumps can handle stringy materials such as rags, gloves etc. Also, pump feathers, feet, ear tags etc with confidence.


  • Aerating Lagoons is made safer and more cost effective by Venturi-Aeration units, “powered” by Gorman-Rupp pumps. Reduce odours, strip CO2 and increase pH, reducing chemical use and eliminate the need for cranes or boats to access equipment.


  • Grey water pumping with Gorman-Rupp Super U Series pumps. Self-priming, with high head capabilities, and high efficiency. Gorman-Rupp Super U Series pumps are self priming (so can be mounted “high and dry” above the wet well), easy to maintain, and among the most efficient self priming pumps available. They are also capable of delivering high pressures, making them ideal for pumping through filters. They are easy to monitor and service.


  • DAF systems can be improved by using EDUR DAF pumps that eliminate the need [and on-going maintenance expense] of air saturation vessels and compressors.


  • Tallow pumping with Gorman-Rupp’s “Extreme Duty” rotary gear pumps. Positive displacement pumps that offer smooth flow and constant pressure, with materials that can handle abrasive media and high temperatures. The Gorman-Rupp gear pump can be configured with exactly the right specifications for any tallow job. Pumps have a variety of bushing materials and seals to suit the product being pumped as well as options for hardened internals if the product is abrasive, or a heat jacketed pump if the product needs to be kept liquefied.


  • Blood Pumping is a tough application, but can be effectively done by either a Gorman-Rupp 10 Series pump, or a Ragazzini Peristaltic pump, or if air is available, with a Ramparts single acting air driven diaphragm pump.


  • Bone and offal transfer The transportation of pre-broken bone and offal can be a costly area of production, which can be simplified and more cost effective using a Lamella pump from JS Proputec. Pre-broken product can be transported [un-manned] within fully enclosed pipelines.


  • Hot and cold water pumping with EDUR centrifugal pumps. Built from 92 years experience, EDUR centrifugal pumps are rugged in construction, with hand finished open impellers.


More information on Abattoir Pumping Equipment here in our Hydro Innovations brochure.