EDUR is a leading German pump manufacturing company, specialising in high-quality industrial centrifugal pumps. EDUR produces pumps for industries such as the food process industry and the municipal industry. Their pumps are customised to suit a range of applications including hot and cold water pumping, wastewater, LPG pumping, dissolved air flotation and refrigerant pumping.

EDUR was founded in 1927 by Eduard Redlien. EDUR’s core business was based around the invention of the self-priming centrifugal pump which challenged the side channel pumps that were used at the time. The EDUR pump worked on the principle of the formation of a liquid-air mixture. It featured a sensationally high level of reliability and robustness for the time. The pumps were used to supply houses and farms, dairies and other commercial operations with water. With these self-priming pumps, the young company grew steadily throughout the 1930s and expanded its circle of customers, which also included export.

During the 1980s, the company moved its focus away from series production to a customer-oriented niche supplier. The company quickly implemented the required measures to enable this and have not looked back.

Due to the modular design, there are almost no limits on the pump configuration. Shaft seals range from a single-acting mechanical seal to double-acting sealing systems to magnetic coupling.

The material range comprises grey cast iron, for the likes of water and coolants, bronze for sea water, stainless steels for process engineering and special steels such as duplex steel and Hastelloy for oil and gas. Different pump hydraulics enable gas-loaded liquid conveyance, enrichment of liquids with gases and low NPSH values.

EDUR understands the importance of minimising the impact of business and manufactures on the environment. EDUR have been working on energy-efficient concepts and sustainable optimisation of processes for many years. EDUR also ensures sustainability at its own headquarters in Kiel, Germany.

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