The Euromacchine tale tells a story of corporate research, innovation, and passion. The results are machines that are functional, well built, and designed with a purpose. Euromacchine has listened to customer needs and translated those needs into customised products, designed to deliver superior performance. These are the reasons Hydro Innovations sought to represent Euromacchine in Australia and is now proud to offer their product on an exclusive basis to the municipal, industrial, agricultural and mining markets.

Euromacchine equipment is the competitive product of a family run business. Reliability, performance and customization are the basis of the products that are designed and patented by Euromacchine. Made in Italy has become a global brand and reflects a philosophy that combines innovation and high custom-made capability. Hydro Innovations has taken these innovative products and added rugged and reliable Gorman-Rupp pumps to them, and mount them onto purpose built Australian made trailers.

Natural disasters and emergency situations require fast and effective solutions, and Euromacchine Lampo Emergency Response Trailers are designed to deal with spills, floods, fire and other situations where it is necessary to act promptly and effectively. Euromacchine provides you with a wide range of self-priming pump units, lighting towers, air compressors and generators. You can rely on LAMPO Emergency, the multi-functional unit that gathers many tools into one, easy to tow trailer. You will be equipped with all the essential tools to face critical situations, and the soundproofed canopy makes the trailer suitable for use even in residential areas.

Hydro Innovations are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Euromacchine’s Lampo units in Australia.


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