Hydro Innovations provide Australia with the best and most innovative pump and aeration solutions, delivered by the best technical support team in the country.

Hydro Innovations was formed in 2008 to be the Gorman-Rupp pump distributor for Australia. We have collaborated with the most dynamic and effective brands globally, and our range has expanded to include EDUR (Germany),  Ragazzini (Italy)  RamParts (USA), and JS Proputec (Denmark). We have also added an Aerator to our product offering, Venturi-Aeration Inc (USA).

We are leaders in Self Priming Centrifugal Wastewater Pump Technology. We promote above ground self-priming pump systems because they are much safer for operators and more cost effective for asset owners. We have proven the use of quality self-priming pumps can reduce civil costs, reduce maintenance costs and greatly improve safety.

Holding a very large inventory of pumps and spare parts allows us to deliver industry leading service. With over 80 years combined experience in applying, selecting and troubleshooting pumps, we are experts at designing the most successful and cost-effective fluid transfer systems to meet your requirements.

To ensure you receive the very best pumps in Australia for your application, we package our pumps with locally sourced electric motors or diesel engines, have an in-house design team, and laser align all pump sets as part of our ISO9001 Certified QA procedures.

Gorman-Rupp are the world leaders in self priming centrifugal wastewater pump technology, and additionally manufacture the most rugged and dependable fuel pumps, gear pumps, prime assisted pumps, and packaged pump stations.

EDUR supply a great line of horizontal multi-stage pumps along with solids handling centrifugal pumps and a multiphase DAF pump that can replace the usual pump-compressor-air saturation tank combination that is common on conventional DAF systems.

Ragazzini Rotho peristaltic pumps have the most gentle pumping action available to producers, with only the smooth and soft internal tube element in contact with the fluid. There is no contact with moving mechanical parts, no seals or valves.

RamParts supplies us with the most ruggedly constructed air driven diaphragm pumps on the market today providing a great option when existing sludge or slurry pumps fail regularly or there is an application for pumping abrasive and/or corrosive sludge or slurry.

JS Proputec Lamella pump is used for solid materials. The extra heavy duty pump is used instead of more conventional methods such as screw conveyors, compressed air “blow-tank” systems and manual systems (bins and fork lift’s).

Venturi-Aeration offer easy to maintain, safer and more efficient aeration, in keeping with Hydro Innovation principles of safety and easy maintenance.

The Hydro Innovations team is experienced and dedicated to delivering excellent service and innovative pump solutions to our customers.

sales@hydroinnovations.com.au   (02) 9898 1800

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