Venturi Aeration have been manufacturing quality aerators for 25 years. They offer a range of products to meet the aeration needs of multiple industries including; municipal wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and potable water treatment. These products are of high quality and are relied upon by industry leaders around the world.

The Venturi Aerator is a static device that is installed immediately downstream of a pump. The pumped fluid is forced into the Venturi Aerator, where a specially designed and machined nozzle produces a Venturi effect, enabling atmospheric air to be drawn into the system and mixed with the pumped fluid. The aerated fluid is then pumped back into the lagoon or basin the water was drawn from. When used with self-priming pumps, the system can me mounted on the banks of lagoons, making them safer, cheaper and easier to maintain than other systems.

Being the authorised Australian distributor of Venturi Aeration and Gorman-Rupp products, Hydro Innovations use Venturi Aeration systems in conjunction with Gorman Rupp pumps so that asset owners can transfer oxygen at a cheaper rate per kW employed than other forms of aeration.

Because all equipment is mounted on the banks of lagoons or adjacent to tanks, row-boats or cranes are not needed to access the equipment making it much safer, easier and more cost effective to own, operate and maintain.

Venturi Aerators are available in 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm sizes, with fluid transfer rates from 5 L/s through to 80 L/s with a single unit, with the largest unit able to transfer up to 30kg of dissolved oxygen per hour.

Venturi Aeration systems are ideal for Odour Control, Sludge Digestion, Wastewater Aeration, Lake De-stratification, Septage treatment, CO2 stripping …and many other applications.

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