Bone and Offal Pumps

Rugged and reliable, low maintenance bone and offal pumps

proudly distributed to Australian Industry by Hydro Innovations

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The JS Lamella pump from JS Poputec is used for transporting solid materials such as pre-broken bone and offal at abattoirs and other meat processing plants.

The bone and offal pump is used instead of more conventional methods such as screw conveyors, compressed air “blow-tank” systems and manual systems (bins and fork lifts).

Advantages include:

  • Keeping the product in an enclosed pipeline system (compared to a screw conveyor or manual system) reduces the chances of contamination.
  • Reduced labour costs to operate (compared to a blow tank or manual system).
  • Less maintenance than a screw conveyor or alternative pump system.

The JS Lamella system can deliver product effectively, cleanly, and minimise costs.

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