Simple, Low Maintenance DAF Pump Systems

Proudly Distributed To The Australian Industry By Hydro Innovations

DAF Pumps Without Compressor Or Air Saturation (Pressure) Vessel

The EDUR multiphase pump can replace the compressor, air saturation vessel, complicated controls and standard centrifugal pump on a dissolved air floatation [DAF] system. This has the potential of greatly reducing capital costs, maintenance costs and general running costs of a DAF system.

Multiphase pumps supply liquid-gas mixtures and enrich liquids with gases, such as air, oxygen or ozone. They enable the supply of up to 30% gas proportions. They are available in a variety of construction styles and materials, such as grey cast iron, bronze or stainless steel as well as with various shaft seal systems and drive solutions.

Exclusive to Hydro Innovations

Hydro Innovations is also proud to be the EDUR Pumps distributor in Australia. Also with a long history, dating back to 1927, EDUR engineers design high quality specialist pumps for niche applications. One of these is their line of multiphase pumps, which have proven to be very effective in DAF installations. EDUR do not stock pumps, as each pump is built to customer requirements from components they hold in inventory. This way, customers get the right solution every time.

Simple Is Best

Removing components from a system, makes them simpler to operate and maintain. An EDUR multiphase pump replaces not only the centrifugal pump of a DAF system, but it removes the need for a compressor, air saturation [pressure] vessel, and the complicated controls that “conventional” systems use. The EDUR pump draws in atmospheric air with the water it takes from the DAF plant, mixes them, and forces the air into solution in the return pipe system. When the air comes out of solution because of the reduced pressure in the DAF tank, millions of 30-50 micron bubbles are formed, transporting oil, fat and grease to the surface for collection.

Lower Costs

Installing an EDUR pump with a new installation can certainly provide a lower installation cost because no air saturation vessel or compressor is needed, nor is the extra piping and control components these devices require. But even those retrofitting an EDUR pump get to save on maintenance and energy costs. No compressor to run and maintain or maintenance contracts, no pressure vessel to maintain and have re-certified on a regular basis, and only simple [on/off] controls.

Set And Forget Reliability

Because the EDUR system has much fewer components, there is much less that can go wrong to interrupt the collection of fats and grease from the wastewater.

Set the throttling valves once, then it is “set-and-forget”. Just an on/off switch and the system delivers every time. There is no compressor to let you down or not enough time in the pressure vessel, controls out of sinch etc.

There is therefore a better chance that effluent leaving the system will deliver the performance expectations you are looking for.

Our expert team is standing by for any questions you have about how to best configure your pump or aeration system.

Hydro Innovations is proud to distribute a broad range of quality, reliable and industry-leading industrial pumps and aerators.

We are also delighted to share that Hydro Innovations is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Gorman-Rupp Pumps.

Gorman-Rupp is the world leader in self-priming centrifugal wastewater pump technology, and invests heavily in R&D, and in training for their international representatives – like Hydro Innovations.

This puts us in an excellent position to make the very best recommendations for our Australian customers.

Our other suppliers, Ragazzini of Italy and EDUR of Germany, are also world leaders in their respective technologies (Peristaltic Pumps – Ragazzini, and Specialist centrifugal pumps – EDUR).

We carry a very large inventory of pumps and spare parts for all of these brands, to help us to deliver industry-leading service.