DAF Systems


• No Air Compressor Needed
• No Air saturation [pressure] vessel needed
• Set and forget

EDUR DAF pumps create micro bubbles without an air compressor or air saturation vessel. Therefore, reduced maintenance on the compressor, and no yearly certification for the pressure vessel.

Single-stage regenerative turbine pump
unit-construction type, horizontal
0,5 to 12 m3/h, working pressure up to 16 bar
Gas contents: up to 15%
Materials: Stainless Steel

Multistage centrifugal pump
unit-construction type, horizontal
5 to 60 m3/h, working pressure up to 40 bar Gas contents: up to 30%
Materials: Grey Cast Iron, Nodular Cast Iron,
All-Bronze, Stainless Steel, Super-Duplex


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