Peristaltic (Hose) Pumps

Gentle and versatile peristaltic (hose) pumps

proudly distributed to Australian Industry by Hydro Innovations

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Ragazzini Peristaltic Pump are at the cutting edge of “Hose Pump” design and have the features to make pumping easier. They consist of an elastomeric tube that is squeezed along its length by rollers that push the fluid contained within. This creates a gentle pumping action that doesn’t cause damage to the product.

Further advantages include:

  • Handle a range of applications, including food products, abrasives, chemicals, sludge, and solids
  • High performance including pressures to 15 BAR, reversible flow, and suction lifts
  • Run dry without damage
  • No seals or valves to clog or fail/replace
  • Only one part [the hose] comes in contact with the pumped media.
  • No [expensive] messy fluid lubricant in the casing
  • Easy maintenance including easy hose replacement and easy leak detection
  • CIP with retractable rollers
  • Greater operator safety
  • Easy access for monitoring or service
  • A variety of hose materials to handle food, pharmaceuticals, abrasive and/or corrosive fluids

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