Rugged, Dependable Industrial Peristaltic Pumps

Reliable, Efficient & Low Maintenance

Dependable Pumps for Dosing, Sludge, Liquid Food, or Wine and Grape Transfer

Ragazzini has been building quality peristaltic pumps for in excess of 50 years. They design the pumps to last and perform rather than build them to a cost. Pumps have fully cast housings instead of fabricated ones, and hoses are clamped on with an engineered system rather than a common band clamp.

Ragazzini pumps are trusted by asset owners and engineers to pump chemicals, sludge and food products, to dose chemicals or to delicately transport grapes and wine products. They are used in the water and wastewater industry, food & beverage, chemical, mining, marine, wine-making and numerous other industries seeking reliability and longevity from their pumps.

Exclusive to Hydro Innovations

Hydro Innovations is proud to represent Ragazzini in Australia. Ragazzini is a family owned and run business, based in Faenza, Italy, with roots that date back to 1921. Their values of ethics, integrity, honesty and trust are built into every product and every application/selection.

With sixteen different size pumps, Ragazzini peristaltic pumps can deliver flow rates from just a fraction of a litre per hour, up to 180 cubic metres of fluid per hour. And with seven different hose materials, they can transport acid slurry, food products [having FDA approvals], animal waste slurry, hydrocarbons, abrasive fluids and more.


The basic principle of the peristaltic pump is an elastomeric tube that is squeezed upon its length to push the fluid contained within it. Ragazzini pumps employ a “roller on bearings” design for this operation, rather than fixed “shoes”.

This design eliminated the need for filling the pump casing with lubricant. Rollers also reduce friction on the surface of the tube, delivering longer hose life. It also enables pumps to transfer food products without contamination hazard.

No [expensive] lubricant in the casing, means that Ragazzini pumps can be fitted with a leak detection system, which can stop the pump when a hose wears, rather than valuable product being wasted.

Operators will also appreciate having no fluid in the casing when it comes time for maintenance, as the job will be much cleaner and simpler.


Besides early leak detection, Ragazzini peristaltic pumps have many advantages. They have no seals or valves to clog, fail or replace. They can self-prime to 9 metres, can be run in revers for emptying/filling tasks, and can run dry without damage.

As far as maintenance is concerned, replacing the hose is all that fitters will mostly have to do, and there is no contact between the mechanical parts and the fluid being pumped.

On top of this, pumps are able to pump products with solid particles and they are suitable for clean-in-place [CIP], or sanitise-in-place [SIP] applications.


Ragazzini pumps are very versatile. Not only can they pump viscous, corrosive and abrasive products, but can be equipped with feed screws for moving fluids with solids, or sensitive products like wine berries or wine bunches.

They can also be equipped with a retractable roller system that can not only help extend the life of the tubular element [hose], but makes CIP and SIP functions so much quicker, by providing full flow-through for the sanitizing fluid in seconds rather than having to disconnect rollers. Production lines can therefore be switched rapidly, using the same pump.

Pumps can be supplied with a multitude of port materials, including SS316, PVC, Titanium and more.  Ports can be ANSI, DIN 11851, Tri-clamp, RJT, BSP and more. The speed can also ve varied to increase or decrease flow, by using either a mechanical variator or VFD

Our expert team is standing by for any questions you have about how to best configure your pump or aeration system.

Hydro Innovations is proud to distribute a broad range of quality, reliable and industry-leading industrial pumps and aerators.

We are also delighted to share that Hydro Innovations is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Gorman-Rupp Pumps.

Gorman-Rupp is the world leader in self-priming centrifugal wastewater pump technology, and invests heavily in R&D, and in training for their international representatives – like Hydro Innovations.

This puts us in an excellent position to make the very best recommendations for our Australian customers.

Our other suppliers, Ragazzini of Italy and EDUR of Germany, are also world leaders in their respective technologies (Peristaltic Pumps – Ragazzini, and Specialist centrifugal pumps – EDUR).

We carry a very large inventory of pumps and spare parts for all of these brands, to help us to deliver industry-leading service.