Rugged & Reliable Sludge Pumps

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Reliable Pumping of Municipal and Industrial Sludge

Gorman-Rupp has been applying their solids-handling, self-priming, Super T Series centrifugal trash pumps to sludge applications for decades. These pumps suit pumping sludge with solids concentrations up to about 5%. Recent developments in these pumps have enabled them to handle stringy materials that are present in some sludge handling applications.

They have now released a pump capable of handling much thicker sludge. The “Sludge Kat” is capable of handling sludges with solids concentrations to 50%.

If the sludge is somewhere in between, Ragazzini’s peristaltic pump is ideal. It can handle sludge with solids concentration up to 12%.

Exclusive to Hydro Innovations

Hydro Innovations is proud to represent Gorman-Rupp in Australia. Gorman-Rupp is an American manufacturer that stands behind its products, with some of the best warranties in the industry. Their manufacturing processes, state-of-the-art facilities and rigorour testing standards result in a product you can rely upon in the toughest applications.

As the founders of Gorman-Rupp said in the very beginning – “It is our practice to only enter a field of pumping service when able to provide a superior product with better performance”. [J.C Gorman and H.E Rupp]. That sentiment still permeates through the whole company today.

Exclusive to Hydro Innovations

Hydro Innovations is proud to represent Ragazzini in Australia. Ragazzini is a family owned and run business, based in Faenza, Italy, with roots that date back to 1921. Their values of ethics, integrity, honesty and trust are built into every product and every application/selection.

With sixteen different size pumps, Ragazzini peristaltic pumps can deliver flow rates from just a fraction of a litre per hour, up to 180 cubic metres of fluid per hour. And with seven different hose materials, they can transport acid slurry, food products [having FDA approvals], animal waste slurry, hydrocarbons, abrasive fluids and more.

Super T Series

Gorman-Rupp Super T Series pumps have been used extensively for sludge transfer duties. With their capacity to develop a vacuum on the suction side, enables them to move fluids [like sludge] that might otherwise cause problems with other pumps.

These pumps have been designed for economical, trouble-free operation, with superior solids handling capabilities. They are regularly applied to waste activated sludge [WAS] and return activated sludge [RAS] duties at sewage treatment plants, or on animal waste sludge at food processing facilities.

For tougher stringy solids [wet wipes, rags, undigested hay etc], Gorman-Rupp has developed their “Eradicator” and “Eradicator Plus” technologies. All versions of the pumps have been designed for easy access and easy maintenance with common hand tools. No hoists or cranes or confined spaces entry to worry about.

For abrasive applications, Super T series pumps are available with Hardened Iron or High Chrome internal materials, and for corrosive applications SS316 or duplex stainless steel materials are available.

Ragazzini Peristaltic Pumps

The Ragazzini Rotho peristaltic pump is ideal for pumping sludge. It creates high vacuum, so can get the fluid moving, and can operate on suction lift applications. Solid particles and abrasive fluids can be handled, making the pump durable and versatile.

The pumps do not have valves or seals to clog, repair or replace, which makes them super reliable and easy to maintain. The pumped fluid does not come in contact with the mechanical moving parts, as only the flanges and the tubular element [hose] are in contact with the pumped media.

Thanks to the operating principle of the pump, it can run dry without damage, and because rollers are used, there is no messy and expensive fluid needed in the pump casing, and pumps can be equipped with leak detectors to alert operators of the need to change a hose. The optional “retractable roller system” can make the operator’s life even easier by simplifying hose changes, and it can also lengthen the life of the hose.

Gorman-Rupp Sludge Kat

The Gorman-Rupp SludgeKat® is a hydraulically drive positive displacement piston pump, powered by a liquid cooled diesel engine, designed to tackle the toughest pumping applications. It is equipped with 100mm ports and capable of flows to 850 litres per minute.

This pump can handle very viscous fluids, and is capable of passing solids up to 60mm in diameter. It can produce pressures to 118 metres.

The Sludge Kat is built to the same exacting standards as other Gorman-Rupp products. Chrome-plated steel cylinders provide extended service life, wiper seal and U-ring design along with four independent anti-clog ball check valves provide superior sealing, and victaulic coupled joints provide ease of cleaning and service.

Our expert team is standing by for any questions you have about how to best configure your pump or aeration system.

Hydro Innovations is proud to distribute a broad range of quality, reliable and industry-leading industrial pumps and aerators.

We are also delighted to share that Hydro Innovations is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Gorman-Rupp Pumps.

Gorman-Rupp is the world leader in self-priming centrifugal wastewater pump technology, and invests heavily in R&D, and in training for their international representatives – like Hydro Innovations.

This puts us in an excellent position to make the very best recommendations for our Australian customers.

Our other suppliers, Ragazzini of Italy and EDUR of Germany, are also world leaders in their respective technologies (Peristaltic Pumps – Ragazzini, and Specialist centrifugal pumps – EDUR).

We carry a very large inventory of pumps and spare parts for all of these brands, to help us to deliver industry-leading service.