self priming pump

Hydro Innovations was able to help one of their customers recently with a Gorman-Rupp pump installation which fixed their issues regarding accessibility to the pump.   Our customer had previously operated a sewerage pump mounted under a floating pontoon in the middle of the settling pond.

To access the original pump to carry out any maintenance or servicing, meant extending a ladder from the shore out to the pontoon to access the pump.

Hydro Innovations was approached to provide a safer and more serviceable option.

A Gorman-Rupp self priming pump was recommended providing not only a far safer option, but also a reliable and far easier pump to access for maintenance and servicing.

The Gorman-Rupp pump range, not only specifically designed for sewerage and wastewater application, is universally recognised for their robust and exceptional design, providing long, reliable operation complete with ease and safety for servicing.

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