self-priming pump

A major Australian beverage container manufacturer has just taken delivery of a small self-priming sewage pump station.

The sewage pumps, valves and inter-connecting piping needed to be corrosion resistant because of the low pH levels of the wastewater to be pumped. The plant also wanted the wastewater pumps to be located on top of the pit, out of the corrosive wastewater, so Gorman-Rupp pumps were perfect. Hydro Innovations selected CD4MCu [a duplex stainless steel] for the sewage pump construction because of its high corrosion resistance and its abrasion resistance. Valves were supplied in 316 stainless steel, and piping was also 316 grade stainless steel.

As the flow required was 8L/s, Gorman-Rupp’s T2A65-B self-priming centrifugal pumps were chosen, with a suction lift capacity of 7.6 metres and a solid handling capacity of 38mm. The sewage pumps also have a large removable cover plate to allow operators access to pump internals for inspection and/or blockage removal.

All of Gorman-Rupp’s Super T Series wastewater pumps are also available in CD4MCu construction and are also available with hardened iron internals and 316SS internal components. These materials help extend the service life of pumps when used in harsh environments.

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