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Lampo emergency response trailer unit being used at night for intervention of pipes

Emergency night intervention at water control substation

A municipality needed to divert the flow of a water supply line during an overnight operation. They needed to install one 600mm valve and one 800mm valve to deliver the required result. They deployed a “Lampo Emergency” unit to provide the needed support for the entire operation.

The Lampo unit provided:-

  • LIGHTING through the 6m, air actuated light tower with 4 x 100W Led lamps to guarantee the needed light to operate in safety over the night view;
  • ELECTRICITY 230V (400V also available) for the various tools battery charging;
  • An (optioned) 18hp Hydraulic POWER PACK to power hydraulic tools required to cut ductile iron pipes, to avoid the use of electrical tools near wetted areas (for safety reasons)
  • A WATER PUMP unit with 45 L/s capability for cleaning and draining, during and after the operation.

It was a long working night and the multiple capabilities of the LAMPO Emergency unit were utilised.