Want to know the best way to avoid regular wastewater pump blockages?

Broadspectrum is a large corporation providing infrastructure maintenance services.  Gippsland Water is one such client, managing the Moe Waste Water Treatment Plant. This particular wastewater treatment plant was having constant trouble with submersible pumps choking on an almost weekly basis. This was hugely frustrating and costly, and recurring far too regularly.  

Hydro Innovations were invited to discuss a potential solution. Although the existing pumps were submersible, Hydro Innovations demonstrated how easily you can replace submersible pumps with above ground self-priming pumps. The existing wet well can be used for the suction lines. The self-priming pumps are mounted at ground level, making the equipment much safer to operate and much easier to maintain. Pumps, valves and all mechanical equipment is easily accessed for monitoring and maintenance.

One operator can now safely access and maintain all the equipment at the station without the need for cranes, crane trucks or confined spaces equipment.

But it’s not all about safety, it’s about the “spanner in the works” when pumps block. The advantage tough and reliable Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps have over other pumps is their ability to pass through rags, wet wipes and even life-size rubber chickens!

Garry Grant, Hydro’s Managing Director, believes in the Gorman-Rupp T8 so much, he installed one of them at the Moe site on the proviso they would not block more than 3 times in 3 months. If the self-priming pumps did block more than 3 times, Garry would take them back, at no cost to Gippsland Water.

During the trial period there were only two partial blockages, caused by the surveyed sticks shown below.

The first  Gorman-Rupp T8 above-ground pump was installed in 2010, and additional Gorman-Rupp pumps have been installed since at this site.

Graeme Spence, Hydro’s Regional Manager for the area, was recently discussing the Super T8 pumps at the head works for the Moe Waste Water Treatment Plant with Geoff Mullen, of Broadspectrum, who are now responsible for the maintenance for this site:

‘I am a big fan of the Gorman Rupp self-priming pumps! They are easy to maintain and adjust clearances. We have had one blockage on one of these two pumps in the last year! That is great considering there are no screens either side of these pumps and they are at the headworks of the treatment plant’

Ideal for wastewater pump stations and stormwater applications, the rugged and dependable Gorman-Rupp above-ground pumps drastically reduce blockages because they allow these objects to readily pass through without jamming.

Above ground, self-primers are a terrific solution to the universal blocked submersible pump problem.


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