Gorman Rupp self priming pumps pumps handle a wide range of water conditions

Water recycling plant elevate self priming pump performance with Gorman-Rupp

Coliban Water choose Gorman Rupp self-priming pumps at their new recycled water C-B polishing plant.

The project Engineer wanted robust  pumps that could handle a wide range of water conditions to supply the new plant.  Gorman Rupp pumps where chosen for this situation.

These pumps sit above ground, so there is no need for any civil works, saving costs for the new plant. Coliban has had success with Gorman Rupp at another sewer pump station site and the operators are happy with them and the improved operational performance.

Hydro Innovations have been great to deal with and provide excellent service and back up, keeping all spares in their warehouse and coming to site to train operators on the use and maintenance of the new pumps.


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