DAF system

The EDUR LBU 403 C120L DAF [Dissolved Air Floatation] pump is able to replace the complete air saturation system of the “standard” DAF system. Other pump sizes are available, but this pump is able to cater for DAF in-lows up to 35 litres per second (l/s). It uses 10% of that in-flow water to recirculate, adding saturated air to the water before releasing it back into the DAF tank along with 30-70 micron bubbles.

This unique DAF pump replaces the air saturation tank, compressor, conventional pump and the control system normally associated with DAF systems. The pump has the unique ability to draw atmospheric air into the suction line, shear it, mix it with the water being drawn from the “clean” end of the DAF tank, and saturate the air into the water [by pressurising it].

Because of the simplicity of the system, operators will see an improvement in energy consumption [because they are not running compressors] and a vast improvement in maintenance costs. There is no pressure vessel to continually certify, no compressor to maintain, and no more complicated control system to operate. Just “set and forget”.

Other pumps in the system can operate on DAF in-flows of as little as 4 l/s up to 110 l/s with a single pump. Larger systems can utilise more than one pump. This system is expected to suit municipalities for waste water treatment as well as food process, paper process and other industrial applications that the DAF systems are found.

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