EDUR DAF (multiphase) pumps are able to reduce the equipment requirements including the air saturation tank, compressor, conventional pump and the control system normally associated with DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) systems, into one unit.

The pump has the unique ability to draw atmospheric air into the suction line, shear it, mix it with the water being drawn from the “clean” end of the DAF tank, and saturate the air into the water (by pressurising it).


  •  improvement in energy consumption (because they are not running compressors)
  •  a vast improvement in maintenance costs
  •  there is no pressure vessel to continually certify
  •  no compressor to maintain
  •  no more complicated control system to operate

A single EDUR pump is able to handle DAF in-flows from as little as 10 cubic metres per hour, up to 600 cubic metres per hour, but with multiple pumps can handle much higher in-flows. This system is suited to municipalities for waste water treatments as well as food process, paper process and other industrial applications that the DAF systems are found.

EDUR DAF multiphase pump reduces capital and energy costs

The major benefits of changing to an EDUR system are the simplicity of a “set and forget” arrangement, and the on-going maintenance cost savings.

No more compressor needed means lower maintenance on the compressor. The removal of the pressure vessel means a reduction in maintenance costs and elimination of the need for yearly certification of the pressure vessel.

The removal of the pressure vessel also improves WHS around the system.

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