Want to save capital costs and energy on your DAF system?

A single EDUR DAF pump can replace the ENTIRE air bubble system on DAF plants!

How does it work?

Edur multiphase pumps draw in air through a ‘snorkel’ in the suction line, sheer the air, then feed it into the DAF plant, producing a discharge stream into the tank that is laden with 30 to 50-micron air bubbles.

With EDUR multiphase pumps:

– No compressor needed

– No air saturation vessel needed

– No controls components

Why choose EDUR DAF multiphase pumps?

By choosing EDUR multiphase pumps, asset owners significantly reduce their costs

By using this simpler system, maintenance costs are reduced.

The EDUR multiphase pump is the simpler, more efficient and more cost-effective option for your DAF plant.

EDUR-DAF- simplify your DAF system

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