Efficient and Cost Effective Wastewater Pumping From Gorman-Rupp

A good wastewater pump is hardly noticed in a plant. Fitters and operators can get on with general plant improvements, improved efficiency measures, safety improvements etc.

Owners of Gorman-Rupp pumps can get on with other things because Gorman-Rupp wastewater pumps have been engineered to do the job, are ruggedly constructed and built to last. They require less maintenance than other wastewater pumps and are easily kept at their best efficiency point (BEP).

Gorman-Rupp’s new Ultra V pumps are the most efficient self priming centrifugal trash pump on the market today, according to distributors, Hydro Innovations. They can be applied on flows as low as a few litres per second (l/s) up to 150 l/s, with heads to 90 metres. They are often “employed” by plants that have had problems or maintenance issues with submersible pumps, lobe pumps or helical rotor pumps. They can be used for pumping industrial wastewater, raw sewage, grey water or sludge.

Operators find Gorman-Rupp pumps the best choice because they choke less frequently than other stiles of pump. They also find them easier to access because they can be located up to 7.5 metres above the water level (and prime every time). Fitters find working on the pumps is very simple, where pumps can be left in the piping for their service – no need to send them back to the workshop.

Where operator safety is concerned, having a reliable self priming pump means a vast improvement in OH&S and the elimination of confined spaces issues. Improved safety levels can lift morale, lift productivity and reduce costs.

Mines, Paper Mills, Steel Mills, Food Process Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Sewage Pump Stations, Power Stations and many other industries find Gorman-Rupp pumps the number one choice for safe, reliable, efficient pumping.

This story was featured on the Ferret in April 2010.