Blog image Engine Driven Utility Pumps

Hydro Innovations have announced the availability of a high quality range of self priming, centrifugal utility dewatering pumps from USA manufacturer, Gorman-Rupp. The engine driven pumps are small and portable, but are constructed from solid cast iron or cast aluminium with cast iron “cut-water”, making them extremely durable.

These pumps are said to be excellent for dewatering duties and even for tough applications like that transfer of sludge from municipal treatment plants. They are available in 2″ (50mm), 3″ (76mm) and 4″ (100mm) suction and discharge, and powered by Honda or Kohler petrol engines or by Yanmar or Kohler diesels, and capable of working on suction lifts as high as 7.6 metres.

According to Hydro Innovations, Gorman-Rupp’s “10 Series” utility pumps have the capacity to save the valuable time of operations personnel because they will prime faster and pump more water (at pressure) than any other pump in their class. This allows operators to finish projects faster after the dewatering is completed.

The “10 Series” pumps have removable clean-out covers to enable quick access to pump internals for the removal of trash and debris without the need to disconnect hoses. Replaceable wear plates also allow pumps to be kept at their peak operating efficiency easily without replacing expensive castings. Pressurised grease or silicon carbide seals are also used for long service life.

More information on these pumps can be obtained by contacting Hydro Innovations on 02 9898 1800 or by email on