The purchases of Gorman-Rupp’s new eradicator solids management system have soared.

The new system, available in our new Super T Series self priming solids handling centrifugal pumps, or as retrofit kits for existing Super T Series pumps, helps pumps cope with heavy loads of stringy materials such as rags and “wet wipes”.

The system has been so popular with Water Authorities, Councils and general industry, that demand has been hard for us to meet.

The system consists of an up-graded inspection cover-plate that allows obstacle free passage of pumped fluid directly to the impeller, and it also includes a patented lacerating tooth designed to scrape away fibrous and stringy solids before they get a chance to build up and ball at the eye of the impeller.

Super T with Eradicator

Being self-priming, the pumps can be mounted “high and dry” above wet wells, making them easy for operators to access for monitoring or service. Operators find them much easier to work with than submersible wastewater pumps that require lifting apparatus and for operators to be “working at heights” or “working over water”. This also makes the self priming alternative a much safer one.

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