Advantages of above ground self priming pumps in comparison to submersible pumps

Find out how simple it is to perform routine maintenance on self priming pumps at sewage pump stations in our new guide – Lowering Costs and Improving Safety at Sewage Pump Stations

The traditional pump station has costly and complicated maintenance on their submersible pump:

• difficult to trouble shoot

• routine maintenance unlikely

• repairs require multiple operators

• require certifications

• high risk WHS activities

• Working at heights  / Safety procedures to prevent falls

• Cranes / Lifting apparatus • Pressure Cleaner

• Toxic Risks / Gas detection equipment

• Potential draining of wet well and bypassing of pump station


The above ground self priming pump configuration is vastly improved:

• safer and easier to service and maintain than a submersible pump under metres of sewage.

• no need to EVER enter the wet well.

• suction lines can be removed (if ever necessary) from the surface without “lifting the lids”

• no guide-rails or “duck foot” bends to ever maintain or replace.

• If internal clearances need to be adjusted on a Gorman-Rupp Super T or Ultra V Series pump, this can be done by one person, using two small spanners in under 5 minutes.

• pump maintenance does not require dismantling, piping does not need to be disconnected, nor does the drive.

• Not a drop of sewage in sight.

Self Priming pumps are far easier to maintain than submersible pumps
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A much cleaner and safer situation for operators!

See how you can easily retrofit a self priming pump at your station to lower costs and improve safety!

If you need to find out how to:
• Lower costs over the life of the installation
• Improve the safety and comfort of operators
• Reduce the time operators spend at pump stations
• Reduce chokes/blockages
• Remove the issue of confined spaces
• Reduce time spent on WHS and certifications

Then this eBook is for you! Garry Grant has poured decades of experience into this guide specially tailored for Sewage Pump Stations.

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