Rotary Gear Pump

The Gorman-Rupp GHS series of rotary gear pump is a cast iron heavy duty pump designed for 24/7 service, pumping anything from solvents through to viscous polymers and grease. This series of pump gas been designed to be the most robust, longest lasting, highest performing gear pump on the market.

Each GHS rotary gear pump has a unique automatic idler pin lubrication system to reduce wear by continuously cooling and lubricating the idler pin and bushing [a traditional wear area in “other” rotary gear pumps]. They also have an internal seal venting system that provides a continuous flow of liquid through the seal cavity, ensuring cooling. The venting system also allows the seal cavity to maintain a lower pressure, reducing seal face load and increasing seal life.

As with all Gorman-Rupp rotary gear pumps, the end feed area is deep to offer superior priming performance under low inlet pressure conditions and/or high viscosity liquids. The GHS version of Gorman-Rupp’s G Series range also offers the widest sealing options in the market. Seals are available with a variety of faces, a variety of elostomers and a variety of configurations. Customers can choose metal bellows, cartridge, double, tandem, balanced, positive drive, high temperature, triple lip seal, gland packed, just to name a few.

The GHS can be configured to suit almost any application for pumping clean process liquids. Hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, thermo-sensitive liquids, acids, caustics, food products, solvents and more can be successfully pumped with a Gorman-Rupp GHS rotary gear pump.

Flows to 2200 litres per minute and pressures to 20 bar can be achieved with these gear pumps. They are also available in cast steel, stainless steel and “extreme-duty” versions.