The Ultra V Series of wastewater and sewage pumps can reduce the carbon footprint of a standard pump installation.


The Ultra V series is up to 20.6% more efficient than industry “standard” self-priming centrifugal wastewater pumps performing similar duties.

Gorman-Rupp pumps are more efficient than other designs, therefore, smaller motors are often used, says pump industry leader Garry Grant.

This means less energy is needed at the duty point in all cases, reducing energy costs and the carbon footprint for any application.

The more that this style of pump is used instead of a conventional submersible pump, the more that carbon footprint is reduced.

What is inefficient about submersible pumps?

When operators use submersible pumps, they are faced with having to replace wear-rings to maintain peak efficiency.

To do this, they need to remove wet-well lids, employ an electric crane or winch (adding to energy costs and carbon footprint), clean down a pump dripping with sewage (usually a pressure cleaner – again adding to costs and carbon footprint).

It is then sent to the workshop for a wear-ring change (often by vehicle – adding to cost and Carbon Footprint).

“This is of course, not an easy task, so pumps are generally left for as long as possible between wear-ring changes, Mr Grant says.

“This is the hidden cost. As the wear-rings wear, the pump is losing efficiency and operating for more hours during the day (again adding to costs and carbon footprint). Further to this, as wear-ring clearances open up, pumps block more often, needing operators to lift them up, clean them and remove the blockage (again adding to cost and carbon footprint)” Mr Grant adds.

What makes maintaining Gorman-Rupp pumps so simple?

Gorman-Rupp Ultra V series alternative clearance adjustment is done externally, without needing to open the pump, without disconnecting the drive and without removing the pump from the piping.

“Clearances can be adjusted by one person with two small spanners, in under five minutes”

“There is no crane or winch, no cleaning device and no transportation vehicle.”

Mr Grant says if this process occurs several times a year at multiple installations the cost savings would be significant.

“And the carbon footprint gap between the two systems would also be quite large,” he says.

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