Eradicator Solids Management System

The T6A3S-B is in the Gorman-Rupp “Super T Series” range of self-priming trash pumps. They are used extensively by steel mills, paper plants, food processing plants and Power Stations as mainstay wastewater pumps, and they are used municipally as sewage pumps at sewage pump stations or at sewage treatment plants. This pump’s industry leading reliability makes it the ideal choice for continuous, unattended, automatic operation. The ability to re-prime for a “self-priming” pump is also extremely important for unattended operation, and this pump is able to re-prime to 7.6m at its maximum speed of 1550rpm, and can even re-prime to 5.5m at a speed as low as 1050rpm.

The term “re-prime” describes a pump’s capacity to re-prime automatically with a completely dry suction line and only a partially filled casing. This is necessary for industrial wastewater pumps or self priming sewage pumps because a solid can get caught in the non-return flap valve of the pump when the pump stops at the end of a cycle, exposing the suction line to atmosphere. If the pump cannot re-prime the line with just a partially filled casing, the pump is out of operation. The Gorman-Rupp Super T and Ultra V Series pumps are designed to re-prime under these severe conditions, every single time. These guaranteed re-priming lifts are published on each Gorman-Rupp Super T and Ultra V performance curve.

The T6A3S-B is able to handle stringy materials such as rags, gloves, feathers and plastic bags better than most solids handling pumps because of its unique self cleaning wear plate system. Because it can be mounted “high and dry” above the wet well, monitoring and maintenance of this pump is a breeze, and chokes are much easier to remove than for any other pump.

When an application involves the handling of heavy loads of stingy materials such as “wet wipes”, feathers or large quantities of rags, the T6A3S-B can be supplied as a T6C60SC-B, which means the pump is fitted with Gorman-Rupp’s new “Eradicator™” Solids Management System. The Eradicator™ system features an aggressive self-cleaning wear-plate incorporating a number of notches and grooves, as well as a patent pending lacerating tooth that helps break up stringy materials, scrape them off the impeller vanes and pass them through the pump – all without impacting performance or interrupting service. A special cover plate with the system includes a patented lightweight inspection cover that can easily be removed if necessary to inspect pump internals.

If a plant’s current industrial wastewater pumps or sewage pumps are experiencing unacceptable levels of blockages, the Eradicator™ may be the answer. Eradicator-equipped pumps do not require expensive chopper blades that need periodic replacement, but rely on passing large solids and stringy materials straight through the pump.

System benefits include improved operational efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, lower life cycle costs and easier access to the impeller. Operators will also find the lighter cover-plate is easier and safer to work with.

The T6A3S-B has 150mm suction and discharge ports and is capable of flows to 85 l/s and heads to 32m. The pump is available in a variety of materials of construction to enable the pump to tackle corrosive and/or abrasive applications. These materials include G-R hard iron [approx 400 Brinell] for abrasive applications, 316 stainless steel for corrosive applications and CD4MCu [duplex stainless steel] for corrosive and abrasive applications.

Gorman-Rupp Spare parts are stocked in large quantities by Hydro Innovations so that customer pumps can be up and running fast when repairs are needed.

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