Wastewater Pump

The V6A60-B is the largest in the Gorman-Rupp range of Ultra V Series wastewater pumps. They are suitable as industrial wastewater pumps or for use in municipal applications or at the sewage treatment plant as RAS, WAS or raw sewage or raw sludge pumps. Gorman-Rupp’s Ultra V Series pumps boast some of the lowest lifecycle costs in the industry because of their greatly improved efficiency over “standard” self priming wastewater pumps, their ease of access and ease of maintenance.

Not only is the V6A an efficient pump, it is also an excellent solids handling pump, being able to pass spherical solids up to 76mm in diameter – not only through the impeller, but through every passage within the pump. The pump also has a self cleaning wear plate system to enable it to handle stringy materials such as rags, gloves and plastic bags. If an obstruction like a blanket or towel does enter the pump, operators can access pump internals quickly through the pump’s large removable inspection cover-plate. It is features like this that make the V6A a safer and more cost effective wastewater pump than a submersible pump which requires lifting apparatus and several operators.

Safety is a big issue when pumping industrial wastewater or municipal sewage. Operators are constantly at risk of working at heights, working over water, working with cranes and working with heavy swinging weights when submersible pumps are used. The self priming V6A pump and in fact Gorman-Rupp’s full range of Ultra V and Super T Series pumps greatly minimise and possibly remove all of the risks associated with these aspects.

The V6A has a 200mm suction port and a 150mm discharge port and is capable of flows to 120 l/s and heads to 50m. The two stage version of this pump [the VS6A60-B] is capable of heads to 95 metres. The V6A can operate on suction lifts to 7.6m, and is capable of re-priming from this height with a completely dry suction line and only a half casing full of water, making it ideal for continuous, unattended automatic operation.

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