GR T Series D and E

Gorman Rupps High Efficient And Cost Effective Self Priming Wastewater Pump

Are your wastewater pumps inefficient or difficult to maintain?

Are their running costs higher than they should be?

Gorman-Rupp’s new Super T Series [D and E “versions”] have improved efficiency and being self-priming, are easy to access and maintain. Introduced as an extension to Gorman-Rupp’s famous heavy duty solids handling sewage and trash pumps, solids handling capacities are not as high as the “A” and “C” versions, but they offer improved efficiency and higher pressure.

The pumps have been designed with new high-pressure impellers and wear plates, with the “E Version” using Gorman-Rupp’s “eradicator” solids management system to minimise blockages by stringy materials such as rags, wet wipes and undigested straw. The new design has delivered an increase in efficiency over the larger solids handling pumps of up to 19.2%, and pressures have increased by up to 37.5%.

The new versions are offered in three hydraulic sizes [2”, 3” and 4”], and in standard cast iron construction as well as hardened iron fitted for abrasive applications. The pumps will have shim-less external clearance adjustment to enable operators to keep pumps operating at peak efficiency. They also have lightweight inspection ports to enable operators to quickly, safely and easily access pump internals for inspection or blockage removal.

The new Super T versions are considered ideal for pumping effluent containing small solids, where asset owners are looking for an efficient pump that is easily and safely accessed by operators without the need for cranes or even opening wet well covers.