Super T Eradicator Plus_V5

Introducing the Eradicator Plus™ – For 3”, 4”, and 6” Super T Series® Pumps


Gorman-Rupp’s most aggressive solids handling pump, the Eradicator PlusTM, is specifically designed for installations where nuisance clogging is increasing downtime and maintenance costs. The Eradicator Plus design is currently available for 3”, 4”, and 6” Super T Series® pumps.

For those extreme-duty applications where municipal waste, wipes, industrial by-products, agricultural wastes, and other organic solids are present, Eradicator Plus shreds the solids – allowing them to pass through the pump uninterrupted.

Eradicator Plus™ features include:

  • Easily removable lightweight inspection cover
  • Innovative back cover plate incorporating an obstruction-free flow path
  • Heavy-duty, G-R Hard Iron continuous vane impeller with thick back shroud to prevent
  • debris build-up
  • Extra-thick G-R Hard Iron wear-plate with notches, grooves, and oversized lacerating tooth to cut and shred organic solids
  • stainless steel, load-bearing shaft

Treating solids-laden wastewater is a process that is constantly changing. Whether your application includes nonwoven flushable wipes, trash bags, hair, industrial by-products, agricultural waste or any other organic solids, eliminating troublesome blockages is key to maximizing uptime and saving you money.

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