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Milk company installs stormwater standby pump solution

A Victorian milk company needed a stormwater pumping system that required pumping from three separate locations back to the one point, pumping eventually through a common discharge line.

As each sewage pump station could pump at different times, and with differing flow rates from each, consideration needed to be given to VFD’s, motor sizes, pumps “fighting” with each other for space in the common discharge line, and not over-performing when one pump at one station could be the only one operating in the system.

They came to us for an engineered solution. The “popular” option up until that point (suggested by all other pump companies), was to supply pumps with large motors to enable them to run at faster speeds to produce the required pressure when all pumps at all stations needed to operate. Because the system was being set up as a duty/standby, all six pumps were required to have large motors. This meant that power needed to be provided to these satellite spots to accommodate these larger motors. A costly solution, with large motors, large power cables, and high energy costs.

Our Pump Specialist suggested the use of Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps in conjunction with “series/parallel” piping. This is a special piping arrangement that allows each pump to operate independently at each station, allowing pumps to alternate between cycles, but when a single pump at any station cannot keep pace with the in-flow, the second pump starts up in series with the running pump. This means that both pumps are working together to overcome friction losses in the discharge line instead of against each other. This enabled the use of much smaller motors and smaller power cables.

Operators appreciated how easy the pumps were to maintain, Seal and bearing oil chambers can be inspected in seconds for volume and clarity, and internal pump clearances can be adjusted in a matter of minutes rather than hours, using common hand tools to keep the pumps at peak operational efficiency.

The self-priming pump system was duly installed, with our design and build pump systems with their special piping and valve arrangements. The milk company saved money on capital set-up and enjoys the ongoing energy cost savings.

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