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The PAV3B60C-3TNV70 pump series from Gorman-Rupp provides high-efficiency performance, rugged construction, and an economical solution for a wide range of industrial applications. The 3-in. model is longer life than competitive offerings, using a patent-pending vortex impeller with a Staggerwing (staggered-winglet) design that claims to be a dramatic improvement over other standard vortex impeller designs.

The Gorman-Rupp PAH Series of prime assist (also known as dry prime or auto prime) centrifugal pumps are capable of delivering high heads and/or high flows for applications from wastewater bypassing to mine dewatering. Field adjustable running clearances mean this dewatering pump can be kept at peak efficiency and left in the field for longer (instead of having a trip back to the workshop for a wear ring change).

The pump is a 75mm x 75mm centrifugal unit which can deliver flows from 3 litres per second (l/s) through to 28 l/s, with heads to 40m. The pumps have a patent pending “stagger-wing” vortex impeller which is designed to enable the pump to handle a 76mm spherical solid along with stringy materials such as rags. The difference between this impeller and other vortex impellers is its vastly improved efficiency and head capabilities.

The pump’s priming capability comes from Gorman-Rupp’s unique priming system which includes a compressor and venturi device “pulling” a vacuum through Gorman-Rupp’s own air separation chamber. This, combined with an oversized, oil-lubricated mechanical seal, allows pumps to prime reliably and to run dry continuously without damage.

The PAV3B60C-3TNV70 pump series from Gorman-Rupp can easily handle abrasives and solids laden water,
is so simple to use.

Just Three easy steps:

  1. Drop the suction line into the water
  2. Turn pump on
  3. Start pumping

The units are available as open skid mount units or with acoustically rated canopies and can also be fitted to road register-able trailers.

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