EDUR Refrigerant Pumps – for safe and reliable handling of cooling agents

EDUR centrifugal pumps have been successfully used in refrigeration systems for decades.

They are important key components in the cooling process and provide a maximum level of safety, reliability and efficiency. EDUR Pumps are designed for high loads and extreme temperatures.

The experience has paid off with EDUR pumps being suitable for ecologically harmless refrigerants such as CO2 and ammonia, but also for a multitude of other synthetics and hydrocarbons.

Three different series of refrigerant pumps are available in the EDUR range, suitable for a variety of executions and sizing requirements.

Edur Refrigeration pumps use magnetic coupling to make the refrigerant hermetically sealed against the atmosphere. The EDUR centrifugal pumps are a compact design.

centrifugal pump


Advantages of the EDUR Refrigerant Pumps at a glance:

  • Low operating costs
  • Process Reliability
  • Easy Installation
  • Layout

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