Hydro Innovations Training with our portable Glass faced pump

Training with our portable “Glass faced pump” at a client premises.

New Training initiative – Hydro Innovations Pump Institue


At Hydro Innovations, we understand that each member of your operation, maintenance, and/or reliability crew is essential. We’ll help you train your new hires and expand the skills of your existing team to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge of selection, troubleshooting and maintenance of self-priming centrifugal pumps.

Our courses help you select the right equipment for your particular pumping needs and our energy-saving initiatives will help you lower your power consumption.

Problems from the pumps can come from:

  • Poor suction piping set-up
  • Poor pump installation
  • Poor pump operation – do you even know what flowrate your pumps are doing?
  • Poor maintenance
  • Lack of knowledge of the above areas to troubleshoot pump failures

Our training courses are aimed at helping anyone working with centrifugal pumps to understand these problems and overcome them.

At our Pump Institute in Rydalmere, covering two floors, our centre houses a variety of training assets. The main “attraction” is a full size functioning pump station on the first floor, with suction lines going down into a clear wet well system on the ground floor, demonstrating the self priming process very clearly through clear acrylic suction lines. Other training assets include a glass faced pump and a full-size “tear-down” pump.

The glass-faced centrifugal pump is a full-size demonstration model that includes a glass front. This allows observers to watch the inner workings of a centrifugal pump, and displays various troubleshooting scenarios, including air binding, pipe blockages, and many others.

Our team of Pump and Aeration specialists hosts operator training, along with gauge reading and troubleshooting training to keep pumping assets at their efficient best for long and trouble-free time.

Our team also provide face-to-face “pumps and systems training” at client locations if clients are unable to attend the training centre.

More information can be obtained by contacting us on 02 9898 1800 or by email on