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In the mining industry, Rotho peristaltic pumps are generally used to transfer acidic and highly abrasive sludges and slurries. Their slow speed [generally in the order of 20rpm] minimises wear.
They are ideal for pumping highly aggressive media with suspended solids at high temperatures as the absence of valves or seals reduces the risk of blockages or clogging.

What sets the pump apart from other pumps on these applications is that all the moving parts do not come in contact with the pumped fluid. Only the tubular element comes in contact with the fluid.

Using a roller on bearing design, the pump does not need to be filled with lubricating fluid, making hose changes easier and mess-free. Hoses are available in a range of materials including abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, high temperature and high pressure.

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Wastewater Pumps for the mining industry

The Rotho peristaltic pump minimises maintenance and machine downtime in continuous processes involving 24/7 operation with sulphides and cyanides or when dosing corrosive reagents. A leak detector immediately notifies operators of a hose leak and the pump stops [reducing product loss and keeping things clean and safe]. The optional “retractable roller” facilitates quick hose changes and extends hose life on intermittent duties.

The ability of the Rotho to pump from a depth of -8.5 m solves material transfer problems impossible for other types of pump. It can also operate dry without damage, and run in reverse for filling or emptying. Pumps can deliver as little as one litre per hour up to 180 cubic metres per hour. Pressures to 16 Bar are achievable.

Rotho® peristaltic pumps

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