Pump Helps Chicken Process Plant

A high tech chicken process plant in Victoria was having problems with their wastewater pump.

They were operating a self priming trash pump that was a “copy” of Gorman-Rupp’s rugged T Series self priming pump. They were installed by contractors who were told “same as Gorman-Rupp, only cheaper”, but plant operators soon discovered that these “knock-off’s” had reliability issues, priming issues, and issues with handling the solids that make their way into the wastewater system of a chicken process plant.

After reviewing the requirements, the team at Hydro Innovations recommended replacing the unreliable “fake” with a genuine Gorman-Rupp Ultra V Series wastewater pump. The pump is part of a series from Gorman-Rupp that represents the latest in self-priming solids handling technology. It is fitted with a self cleaning wear plate system to ensure that debris does not build up on the impeller vanes, and is the safest self priming pump on the market.

Plant management knew of the Gorman-Rupp brand and reputation and had confidence that the pump would perform better than their existing “copy”. They also appreciated that the pump offered an improved safety level for their operators, and had features that make it easier and cheaper to maintain than competitor versions. The V Series has a class leading fill port that has a shield that protects operators if the port is opened inadvertently while still pressurised, and the replaceable flap valve can be inspected and cleaned without having to open the pump casing (unlike all other self priming wastewater pumps).

The V3B60-B chosen for the application is capable of flows to 50 litres per second (l/s) and a maximum pressure of 32 metres. It can also handle 76mm spherical solids (bigger than a cricket ball), and stringy materials such as rags and feathers because of the self cleaning wear plate system. Larger pumps in the range can deliver flows in excess of 100 l/s. For more corrosive or abrasive applications, the pumps are available with stainless steel or hardened iron internal components.

The chicken process plant has been very happy with the reliability of their investment since installation.

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