The Gorman-Rupp range of Rotary Gear Pumps can be tailored to suit almost every viscous liquid pumping application according to Gorman-Rupp’s Australian distributor, Hydro Innovations. The pumps are modular in design, where each module can be configured specifically for each application.

The “G Series” pumps can be fitted with ports to suit existing piping, whether it is 90o or 180o, whether connections are screwed, 125# or 250#, and even connection sizes can be matched, with each hydraulic size pump being available with up to 3 port size options. They can be set up to run clockwise, CCW or bi-directional, and the elastomeric parts can be mixed and matched to suit whatever corrosive material or whatever temperature material is being pumped [with access to materials such as Viton, Teflon, Kalrez, Chemraz and numerous others].

Gorman-Rupp G Series pumps can be supplied with up to 30 different seal combinations, including packing, lip seal, mechanical seal, cartridge seal, balanced, tandem, double etc to enable the pumping of the widest range of fluids in the industry. Seals and systems can also be provided to facilitate the pumping of ammonia solutions etc including supply of pressurised and unpressurised fluid reservoir kits.

Because each component is selected for the duty, customers only pay for the parts needed, not for special parts that aren’t needed. Tailoring does not slow down the delivery process either. Bespoke pumps often have the same lead times as those with stock standard materials.

G Series pumps can deliver flows from just a few litres per minute up to 1800 litres per minute and can deliver pressures to 20 Bar. More information on these pumps can be obtained from Hydro Innovations on 02 9898 1800 or