Rotary Gear Pump

The Gorman-Rupp GHA series of rotary gear pump is designed to survive the severe challenge of pumping viscous liquids containing abrasives. This Extreme-Duty pump combines proven rotary gear pump technology with state-of-the-art wear-resistance processes, making it the world’s toughest, longest-lasting gear pump.

Hard, austempered ductile iron gears resist abrasive wear, extending pump life. Critical wear areas of both the head and housing are hardened to resist wear and maintain maximum efficiency. Extremely hard carbide idler pin and idler bushing provide excellent wear resistance under the most severe abrasive applications. And depending on the seal configuration, Extreme-Duty pumps are available with carbide shaft bushing or Gorman-Rupp’s unique, precision needle bearing which provides exceptionally reliable high-load shaft support and better rotor/ shaft stability, extending the seal life and operational life of the pump.

As with all Gorman-Rupp rotary gear pumps, the end feed area is deep to offer superior priming performance under low inlet pressure conditions and/or high viscosity liquids. The GHA version of Gorman-Rupp’s G Series range also offers a wide range of sealing options, including friction driv

e, lug drive and cartridge metal bellows seals – all with silicon carbide faces. Other sealing options include aramid fibre, graphite packing, minimum leak packing, and cartridge triple lip seal.

The GHA is suitable for liquids such as paint, ink, fish soluble, titanium dioxide, wax, diatomaceous earth, waste oils, paper coatings, iron and zinc oxides, filled asphalt and more.

Flows to 1230 litres per minute and pressures to 13.8 bar can be achieved with these gear pumps. The Gorman-Rupp rotary gear pump is also available in standard cast iron, cast steel, and stainless steel versions for handling less abrasive fluids.

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Rotary Gear Pump