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By using a German built EDUR DAF sewage pump, businesses with wastewater treatment systems can save on capital cost, as well as energy and maintenance costs.

A single “DAF Pump” can replace the entire air bubble system on Dissolved Air Floatation (or “DAF”) plants, according to EDUR pump distributor, Hydro Innovations. Their EDUR® “Multiphase” pumps draw in air through a “snorkel” in the suction line, sheer the air, then feed it into the DAF plant, producing a discharge stream into the tank that is saturated with 30 to 50 micron air bubbles.

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A conventional DAF system consists of a wastewater tank, compressor, air saturation vessel, and effluent pump. The effluent pump draws effluent from the tank and pumps it into the air separation vessel. A compressor pumps air into this same vessel. The air/water mixture is “saturated” under pressure, then released back into the wastewater tank at atmospheric pressure where the air comes out of suspension and tiny bubbles form. These then adhere to the suspended matter (fats, oils and other small wastewater particles). The bubbles, with their attached suspended matter, float to the surface of the tank, where floatables can be skimmed off the surface.

By using EDUR® Multiphase pumps, which can produce their own micro-bubbles, asset owners can do away with the compressor, the air saturation vessel and any control and/ or ancillary components for these items. The reduction of these system components and the simplification of the system design results in lower investment costs and higher operational reliability.

The EDUR® Multiphase DAF pump is also an efficient alternative. Energy costs (as well as maintenance costs) of running the compressor are eliminated. There is also no need for constant re-certification of the air saturation vessel, because it is not required in the EDUR system.

EDUR® multiphase sewage pumps can deliver flows from 1 litre per second [for smaller DAF plants] to 15 litres per second (for larger DAF plants) and produce pressures to 12 Bar. A variety of materials and seal arrangements enable EDUR pumps to operate in a very wide range of applications. Available materials include ductile iron, “gunmetal” bronze, stainless steel and super duplex. Mechanical seals available as balanced, double and tandem.

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