Self Cleaning Sump by Gorman-Rupp

Gorman-Rupp presents the Inline Self-Cleaning Sump System. Current pumping systems all have a main sump. Their installation involves heavy civil engineering work and not only that, they regularly silt up, requiring frequent costly maintenance.

The concept developed by Gorman-Rupp eliminates the main sump and at the same time increases pumping efficiency.

Simpler, better performance suitable for projects of all types. The revolutionary feature is the inclined collecting pipe and regulation of the water level.

The key five separate steps:

Once the water level reaches the upper limit, the pump engages at maximum speed, and the level drops.

When it reaches the regulation level, the pump speed decreases in order to maintain this level and the floating matter is sucked out.

As the surface underwater is smaller, the flow rate increases producing a drainage affect.

The speed increases again and the inclined collecting pipe empties and so on.

The inclined collecting pipe is simple to install even on older generation systems, and is easily retrofitted to existing facilities.

The ideal solution for wastewater treatment in both urban and industrial environments.