Managing Directors of Hydro Innovations, Garry and Karin Grant, recently attended SIMEI, Milano Italy.

SIMEI is the world leading trade show for Wine and related technology and this year opened in Milan from the 19th – 22nd November.  SIMEI is unquestionably the  “global” fair of technologies, products and accessories for the winemaking industry. All the leading wine equipment manufacturers were represented. Of particular interest to Garry and Karin was the impressive range of Ragazzini pumps on offer particularly suited to the wine industry.


Garry and Karin spoke with Alberto Zaffagnini and his sons Francesco and Umberto Zaffagnini from the Ragazzini pump company.

Alberto explained that designers at Ragazzini had identified an issue with the way bunches of grapes and wine were being transferred, in that the pumps being used in the industry did not treat the grapes and wine with care.

Ragazzini designers set about designing a peristaltic pumping system to be the gentlest machine to transfer grapes, grape bunches and wine.

Quality wine manufacturers have found that by using Ragazzini pumps throughout the whole red wine making process, the quantity of Lees produced can be reduced by up to 32%, and tests have shown that when pumping white whole berries, there is a 10-15% lower polyphenol content than with traditional systems.

There was an “Innovation Challenge” section at the show where new technologies were detailed on 20 separate papers.

New technologies were featured in destemming, closures, filling systems, optical sorters, process controllers, labelling and many others.

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Alberto and his sons took Garry and Karin on a tour of Faenza, a beautiful place well worth a visit if the opportunity ever arises!


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