Use a Standby Pump – Not a Generator

By using a pump, you get the following BENEFITS:

  • Pumping during power outage

  • Pump during any pump station failure

  • Have a standby pump if one of the main pumps is out of action

Gorman-Rupp emergency standby pumps OFFER:

  • The best diesel driven sewage pump in the industry

  • An acoustically rated, vandal resistant enclosure

  • Advanced controls with telemetry output

  • Include non-return valves and air release valves

Case Study
Cairns Regional Council improves redundancy of its wastewater system by partnering with Hydro Innovations
One of the constant challenges of maintaining wastewater systems in  cyclone prone areas is ensuring that your equipment is always  operational in the face of adverse conditions so that public health  and environmental disasters are averted. As part of this  requirement, Grahame Dunstan, Co-ordinator for Wastewater Services for Cairns Regional Council (CRC)…Read More