As if 2020 has not brought us enough stress, pressure, and heartbreak, Hydro Innovations received a call from a Margaret River Wine Maker one night in the middle of vintage, the most hectic time – his surface lagoon aerator had broken down!!

As you can well imagine, this wine maker was in dire need of a reliable and efficient replacement system and FAST.

The winemaker had heard of bank mounted lagoon Aerators, and was keen to hear more about how effective they could be and how much simpler the maintenance would be, so he would not have to experience this disastrous situation again. He also wanted to know if the bank mounted aerator could be retrofitted to replace his existing surface aerator easily?

Venturi Aerator - simple lagoon aeration

We at Hydro were able to explain to him the benefits of the Venturi Aerator, a bank mounted aerator, and pin point the exact model to fill his requirements. The benefit of the Ventura Aerator over a surface aerator, is that the equipment is mounted on the bank of the lagoon. This makes maintenance and servicing simple and easy, which in turn means the equipment is more likely to be regularly serviced and have a longer life span than aerators which are difficult to access. The Venturi Aerator does not need any special equipment or certifications for servicing and maintenance.

Not only was this Winemaker happy with the pump and price, he was thrilled that Hydro could get the system to him and his problem solved in less than four weeks, including transporting from East Coast to WA.

Hydro Innovations keep a wide range of products in stock, which was also instrumental in solving this problem effectively and quickly, even during the 2020 pandemic.

Flow rate for this pump is 10l/s @2840rpm.

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