Three different kinds of pumps to brew up a storm – best pumps for breweries

Over the past decade, microbreweries have been an increasing and increasingly profitable part of the Australian beer market. Now, with over 500 brands being sold by over 800 breweries worth more than $807 million a year, this trend shows no sign of changing. IBIS World forecasts that rising consumer demand for innovative new beer varieties and flavours, and low barriers to entry will see enterprise numbers increase.

Pumps play an important part in the brewing process of beer.

Breweries large and small, from mega-brewers to microbreweries and home brewers, use pumps for a variety of purposes.

Wastewater pumps

A good choice for a wastewater pump, is Gorman-Rupp’s Super T or Ultra V Series. These are self-priming wastewater pumps, so can be located at surface level with no need for operators to enter confined spaces or in fact for there to be more than one operator in attendance at all, because the maintenance is so simple. Gorman-Rupp seals have no issues with the higher temperatures of clean-in-place or hot wash-down water when it gets into the waste pits, nor do they have issues with rags, gloves or plastic bags that maybe washed into these pits, so they make an excellent low maintenance long lasting choice.

Thicker process fluids

A simple but effective design, the Raqgazzini peristaltic pump passes liquid through a flexible hose that is compressed to move the liquid. This design helps keep beer clean and reduces the risk of contamination. The moving parts within the pump do not touch the product [like wort], so there is less risk of contamination and easier cleaning.

Typical applications for a Ragazzini pump include:-
• Mash recirculation
• Liquid sugar transfer
• Mash-in-wort
• Yeast slurry transfer
• Bottling, casking and canning
• Syrup transfer

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