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Rotary Gear Pumps

When looking for a gear pump for process fluids or lubrication, you can’t look past Gorman-Rupp’s range of rotary gear pumps, according to authorised Australian distributor, Hydro Innovations.

Because of their modular design, the pumps can be configured to handle thin or viscous fluids, corrosive and/or abrasive fluids, and fluids with temperatures as low as -51oC up to temperatures as high as 358oC. Flows of just a few litres per minute up to 2200 litres per minute can be achieved.

Gorman-Rupp’s heavy duty series is capable of handling viscosities to 440,000 centistokes and develop pressures to 20.7 BAR. These pumps have a large “end feed” area which allows pumps to run at pole speeds for many applications, removing the need for reduction gearboxes – minimising capital outlay and reducing maintenance for the life of the equipment.

Gorman-Rupp designers have built many features into these pumps to promote longer service life. One of these features includes an automatic idler pin lubrication system that cools and lubricates this usually hot and high wearing part of the pump. Another is the “internal seal vent” system which ensures cooling of the seal area, but also reduces pressure in the seal cavity, reducing load and heat from the seal faces, increasing seal life.

The designers have also made the pump more “user friendly” for operators with features such as the “back pull out design” to allow service and maintenance without disconnecting the pump housing from piping, and the “adjustable no-leak” pressure relief valve” which allows operators to adjust the valve during operation without leaking high temperature or corrosive fluid.

Gorman-Rupp’s heavy duty series also has the greatest variety of sealing options. These include, but not limited to cartridge seals, balanced seals, double or tandem seals, seals with carbon, silicon carbide or tungsten carbide faces and seals with viton, neoprene, Chemraz or kalrez elastomers, gland packing or triple lip seals.

Heat sensitive liquids [such as waxes, chocolate, asphalts etc] can be catered for with heating jackets built into the pump head and body to keep those products molten while pumping, and depending on the product to be pumped, bushings can be bronze, carbon graphite, silicon carbide or tungsten.

Pumps are suitable for a very wide range of applications including the pumping of hydrocarbons, viscous fluids such as adhesives and greases, acids, solvents, salts and caustics, paper-mill liquids, food products, and even abrasive products such as paints, inks, waste oils, paper coatings and many more.