Truck Mounted Pumps

Gorman-Rupp has a great range of heavy duty self priming pumps suitable for truck mounting.

Pumps are built for specific purposes including:

  • Grease trap and waste collection (Super T Series pumps)
  • Water tankers/ spraying (80 Series pumps)
  • Fuel loading and unloading (0 Series pumps)

Pumps are of extremely rugged construction, will self prime to 7.6 metres and can be driven hydraulically or via dedicated engine.

Truck Mounted Pumps

Flows from 5 litres per second to 100 litres per second and pressures from 10 metres to 100 metres.

Waste collection pumps will handle solids up to 76mm diameter as well as stringy materials such as rags and wet wipes. These pumps also have a removable cover-plate for access to pump internals for inspection or blockage removal so that you are up and running fast if a large object does work its way into the pump. Shimless adjustment of clearances of these trash pumps will keep them at peak operating efficiency.

Gorman-Rupp pumps are easy to service and will outlast any pump in their class.

Engineered to perform and built to last!

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