Two-Stage Self Priming Wastewater Pump

The VS3A60-B is the smallest pump in the Gorman-Rupp range of Ultra VS Series Two-Stage Self Priming Wastewater Pump, and offers up to three times the pressure of most other solids handling self priming pumps. This is accomplished by the addition of the patented Ultra Mate® 2nd stage to the V3A60-B via an innovative transition chamber that reduces the friction losses normally associated with staged pumping. The VS3A60-B is able to handle a 63.5mm spherical solid, and because of its patented “self cleaning wear plate system”, is able to handle stringy materials, such as rags, making them ideal for pumping raw sewage.

The V3A60-B is also a good choice as an industrial wastewater pump because it is a self priming pump and can be mounted “high and dry” above the wastewater, making it safer for operators to access for monitoring and maintaining. If the water is corrosive and/or abrasive, wearing parts can be supplied in Hardened Iron, 316ss or duplex stainless steel [CD4MCu]. Even if a solid is too big for the pump to handle, because they are mounted at surface level, and have a large removable inspection cover-plate, solids are easily removed. No cranes or confined spaces issues for blockage removal or routine maintenance.

The VS3A can re-prime a suction lift of 7.6m with a completely dry suction line and only a half casing full of water, making it ideal for continuous, unattended operation. The VS3A has a 100mm suction port and an 80mm discharge port and is capable of flows to 40 l/s and heads to 94m.

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