A NSW council has recently purchased a Gorman-Rupp 4” “Auto-Prime” pump on a trailer to provide mobile standby pumping capability for their many pump stations.

The Gorman-Rupp PAH4A60C-B unit was supplied with a Yanmar diesel engine and installed into an acoustically rated enclosure. The enclosure has access doors to allow personnel to service the unit, and it was fitted with a battery trickle charger to enable the charging of the battery when the unit is close to mains power. And unlike most auto-prime pumps, the internal clearances of this unit can be adjusted externally instead of needing to replace wear rings every time a bit of wear occurs.

The pump was selected because of its very versatile performance envelope, enabling it to support numerous sewage pump stations. It can deliver flows from 30 L/s through to 120 L/s, and deliver heads to 85 metres. It will also pass a 76mm spherical solid and uses a compressor/venturi priming system.

Gorman-Rupp PAH series pumps can operate on suction lifts to 7.6 metres, and other models in the range can deliver flows to 900 L/s and heads to 160 metres.

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