We are on a mission to find the oldest operational Gorman-Rupp pump in Australia!

We are holding a competition to find the oldest working pump.

Do you know of any old Gorman-Rupp pumps that are still operational?

We are offering a cash reward of $500 for the oldest working Gorman-Rupp pump in Australia.

All we need is:

  • Your name
  • Company Name
  • Pump model
  • Serial Number
  • Email
  • Photo of the pump in operation
  • And any additional comments you would like to add!

Have fun with it! We want to hear the story of your old Gorman-Rupp pumps.

We would love to talk to you over the phone or if you want to send us an email that would be great!

Click on this link to enter: https://www.hydroinnovations.com.au/OLD/


(02) 9898 1800

Australia Wide