First Generation Venturi Aerator “Hydro-Vac” at Lowell Regional WWTP

230,000 litres per day Septage Receiving

Model A-250 and Gorman Rupp T4 Suction Lift Configuration

venturi aerators

Venturi Aerator Oxygenator with (modified) T4 Gorman-Rupp pumps at Septage receiving station collocated at WWTP Headworks. This system provides odor control and BOD reduction prior to blending into the headworks flow. It is in a lift suction configuration and sits directly over the septage receiving tank.

For additional information on the many uses use of the
Gorman-Rupp pumps / Venturi Aerator Oxygenator system contact:

Venturi Aeration, Inc. at 800-439-2610